Tuesday, September 13, 2016

License manager is live

Today finished the development and testing of the license manager module. A new Ninja build was also deployed today including this new development. You cannot see any changes right now but this new module will drive the whole licensing mechanism after the Beta period expires.

In the next few days I will run some tests on the live server, too, just to make sure everything will work fine when it gets activated.

Friday, September 2, 2016

New feature: adding bookmark via email

As I described in the previous post struggling with the bookmarklets on the mobile devices was not a good idea. From now you can simply add a bookmark to your collection on mobile devices without having installed any bookmarklet:

  • In your mobile browser tap on Share and select the appropriate menu to send the website link in email.
  • Send the link to the following email address: add@bookmarkninja.com
  • The bookmark will be added to your Catalog. You can check your Catalog bookmarks on the My Bookmarks page.
  • In the Catalog you can add tags to the bookmark or you can move the bookmark to the Dashboard.
  • Make sure you send the link from your email address which was used to create your Ninja account.