Monday, April 18, 2022

Bug fixes in today's update

Bug fix #1
In mobile browsers when you used the Find Category tool on the Dashboard, the searched category was marked with a red frame but if the category was not in the view, the window didn't scroll to the category automatically.

Bug fix #2
The context menu of bookmarks that were close to the bottom of the Dashboard window were not positioned correctly. The lower part of the context menu was not visible, you had to scroll down to get the whole context menu in view.

Bug fix #3
The mouse hover regions of the bookmark links on the shared tabs were misaligned. The cursor didn't change to the hand icon and the link didn't change to underlined when you moved the mouse cursor over the lower part of the bookmark titles.

Bug fix #4
The favicons of some websites were not displayed properly on the shared tabs. This issue had already been fixed on the Dashboard previously, now it is fixed on the shared tabs, too.