Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Feature: Alphabetic Sorting on Dashboard

This feature has been requested by quite a few users. And I totally agree, you can find a bookmark visually faster if the bookmarks are alphabetically sorted.

On the desktop computers click on one of the Category Groups' menu and select either "Sort A-Z" or "Sort Z-A". The bookmarks in the Category will be alphabetically sorted from A to Z or Z to A. It's that simple.

  1. On mobile devices first tap on "Turn ON Tab and Category Editor" on the Dashboard.
  2. Open the Category you want to sort and tap on either "Sort A-Z" or "Sort Z-A".
  3. When sorting is complete tap on "Turn OFF Tab and Category Editor" to return to the Dashboard Bookmarks.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tip of the day: How to make Send Bookmarks via Email remember the email address?

This is supported by the browsers. Make sure Autofill is enabled in your browser. If it is enabled then next time when you want to send bookmarks to the same recipient just start typing the email address, the browser will autocomplete it, you don't need to enter the full email address again.

Most of the browsers have this setting turned on by default. If not, please check this link to find out how to enable Autofill in the different browsers.

Monday, February 13, 2017

New Feature: Send Bookmarks via Email

I'm happy to announce a new feature in Ninja: from now you can send your bookmarks via email to anybody.
  • You can access this feature on both the Dashboard and My Bookmarks pages (both on desktop and mobile).
  • You can send either a single bookmark or multiple bookmarks.
  • The email is sent by Ninja from the email address.
Below you can find some screen shots and a short description about the new feature.
Please let me know if have any questions!

On the Dashboard click on the Category menu and select "Send via Email" if you want to send all the bookmarks in a Category:

If you want to send a single bookmark, right mouse click on the bookmark and select the "Send via Email" menu:

The Send via Email dialog box has the following fields:
Send to: email address of the person you want to send the bookmarks to.
Message: any short message that will be added to to the top of the email, this is optional.
Email format: HTML is the default, most of the email clients support HTML. If not, you can change it to Plain text.
I'm not a robot: the usual robot checking system to avoid robot generated email sending.

You can also access this new feature on the My Bookmarks page. You can either send a single bookmark or multiple selected bookmarks:

And of course you can email your bookmarks from your mobile device, too.
On the Dashboard tap and hold on a bookmark. Then select "Send Bookmark via Email" if you want to send only that single bookmark. Or select "Send Category via Email" if you want to send all the bookmarks in the current Category. On the My Bookmarks page simply tap on one of the menu signs next to the bookmarks and select "Send via Email".

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tip of the day: How to create a new Tab or Category during adding a bookmark?

On the Add Boookmark dialog there are two buttons with a "+" sign next to the Tab and Category selection drop-down lists. Simply click on these buttons to add a new Tab or Category on the fly while you are in the process of adding a bookmark. You don't need to launch Bookmark Ninja to add a new Tab or Category.