Saturday, December 28, 2019

Improved session timeout handling

Today's update contains changes that will improve session timeout handling in desktop browsers:
  • The "Session Timeout. Please click on OK to reload the page." message typically came up after a while when the user opened and used Bookmark Ninja parallel in several browser tabs. From now in desktop browsers if page refresh is required the page will automatically reload (without showing any message) when the browser tab gets the focus.
  • The "Session Timeout" message has been renamed to "Page Expired" because it describes the situation more precisely (page can expire not just because of session timeout).
  • "Page Expired" ("Session Timeout") message will be still displayed when
    1. the user leaves Bookmark Ninja open in a browser window for a long time (e.g. Dashboard for 12 hours) without any interaction.
    2. a new build is rolled out to the server and the user has Bookmark Ninja open in their browser window.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Minor bug fixes

Today's update contains 2 minor bug fixes:

(1) The width of the tag autocomplete drop-down list (on the dialog boxes opened from the My Bookmarks page) was too wide. Now it has the correct width.

(2) The Category selection drop-down lists (when you add a bookmark or move a bookmark) contains the category names in alphabetical order. If you had category names starting with both lowercase and uppercase characters, they were sorted case-sensitive (lower case characters came after the upper case characters in the list). It has been fixed, category names are now sorted case-insensitive.