Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Improvement: "Show more tags" on the My Bookmarks page

On the My Bookmarks page until now all the used tags were listed by default under "Available tags" when the page loaded. This could have been inconvenient if the user had many tags (several thousands), which had impact on the page load time. From now only the first 50 tags are displayed at page load. If there are more than 50 tags you can click on "Show more tags..." under the list to display all the tags.

When you use the Tag Quick Finder (the input text field above the "Available tags" list) and start typing characters the result list will not be limited, all the tags that meet the criteria will be displayed immediately.

The improvement is available in the mobile view, too, in the mobile browsers.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Performance improvement on the My Bookmarks page

Today we rolled out the second biggest update this year. With this we accomplished a general performance improvement in Bookmark Ninja we planned for this year. July's update was about the Dashboard performance improvement, this update is about improving the My Bookmarks page performance.

Similar to the Dashboard the My Bookmarks's code has been re-architected, too and we achieved significant performance improvement (now 40K bookmarks load 3.5 times faster on the My Bookmarks page). Especially users who have a large number of bookmarks (over 10K) will feel this improvement.