Thursday, January 9, 2020

New feature: Changing the size of the Tab titles

From now you can change the size of the Tab titles to smaller. This can be useful especially for users who have many tabs and the tabs can fit only in multiple rows taking much space from the screen.

To change the size of the Tab titles:
  1. Select Settings in the Bookmark Ninja main menu.
  2. Under "Dashboard settings" select Large, Medium or Small next to "Size of Tab titles". The default size is large, this is the size that the tabs have had until now.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Update 2020.01.06 rolled out

  • Made the height of the items in the tag autocomplete drop-down list smaller. If a tag was typed in the third row of the Tags input filed and there were 6 suggestions in the autocomplete list then the dialog had to be resized to see the last item in the list. Now the last item of the 6 suggestions is always visible.
  • Fixed bug: There were scenarios when the Category finder drop-down list on the Dashboard contained duplicated category names.
  • Updated footer year.