Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Improvement: Adding tags when bookmarking a page via email (add@bookmarkninja.com) on mobile

Currently there are 2 options to a bookmark a web page in mobile browsers:

(A) Invoke the "Add to Ninja" bookmarklet.

(B) Share/send the link to the add@bookmarkninja.com email address.

You can find additional, detailed information about adding bookmarks on mobile devices in the User Guide.

From now if you send a web page to the add@bookmarkninja.com email address you can also add tags:
  1. In your mobile browser tap on Share and select the appropriate menu to send the website link in email.
  2. Enter add@bookmarkninja.com in the recipient ("To") field.
  3. In the email body type "Tags:" or "Tag:" or "T:" (without the quotes) at the beginning of a new line (you can use lowercase characters, too, it's not case-sensitive).
  4. Then type the tags separated by commas (see examples below).
  5. Send the email. Make sure you send the link from the email address that was used to create your Ninja account.
  6. The bookmark will be added to the Catalog with the specified tags.
Tags: recipes, gordon ramsay, beef
Tag: recipes, gordon ramsay, beef
T: recipes, gordon ramsay, beef

You can have the "tags" line anywhere in the email body, it can be before or after the URL. What is important, you have to start typing at the beginning of a new or blank line in the email body.