Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Improvements in today's update

  • If the bookmark selection contained both Catalog and Dashboard bookmarks on the My Bookmarks page then no "Move" menus were available to select. The "Move" menus appeared only when you had a selection of only Catalog bookmarks or only Dashboard bookmarks. Now you can select "Move to another Category" or "Move to catalog" when you have both Catalog and Dashboard bookmarks selected.
  • If you had multiple selected bookmarks on the My Bookmarks page and clicked on "Move to Catalog" then the bookmarks were immediately moved to the Catalog. From now a confirmation message box comes up to avoid accidental moves.

Friday, February 19, 2021

New feature: Custom title and subtitle on the shared tabs

From now you can set a custom title for a shared tab (other than the tab title you have on your Dashboard) and optionally you can also add a subtitle.

To add a custom title or/and subtitle for a shared tab follow the steps below:

(1) On the Dashboard click on "Tabs" under the tabs bar then select "Share Tab" (or "Sharing settings" if the tab has already been shared).

(2) Check the checkboxes next to "Custom title" and "Subtitle" to enable them, then enter a custom title and a subtitle in the text fields. The subtitle can have multiple lines, too.

(3) Click on "Share Tab" (or "Save settings" if you edit an already shared tab's settings).

If "Custom title" is turned off then the title of the shared Tab will be the same as the Tab's name on your Dashboard.

In mobile browsers
Tap on "Turn ON Tab and Category Editor" at the bottom of the Dashboard page then tap on "Share Tab" (or "Sharing settings" if the tab has already been shared) to access the Tab sharing settings.

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