Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Feature: Find Dead Links

With this tool you can easily clean up your bookmarks by finding and deleting dead links. A web link is considered to be "dead" if it returns error 404 (page not found) or the link contains a non-existing domain.

To run the cleanup tool please follow the steps below:
  • (1) Open the "My Bookmarks" page
  • (2) Make sure that "All" is selected (both Catalog and Dashboard bookmarks are listed)
  • (3) Click on "Find Dead Links", the "Find Dead Links" dialog will popup

  • (4) Enter a unique tag that will be added to the bookmarks that have dead links (by default the tag is "dead-link")
  • (5) Click on the "Find Dead Links" button to start the process

The process of finding dead links may take from some minutes to a few days depending on how many bookmarks you have.

After you started the process you can close the browser window and can even turn off your computer. Or you can continue using Bookmark Ninja.

You will get an email notification when "Find Dead Links" is complete. The email will contain a brief summary report: number of bookmarks checked, number of dead links found and a link to the bookmarks marked with the "dead-link" tag on the "My Bookmarks" page.

To avoid unnecessary server load you can run this tool once in every 30 days.

Make sure to also use the Find Duplicates tool in order to clean up your bookmarks.