Thursday, February 16, 2023

Bug fix in today's update

Today's update includes a bug fix for the following issue:

When you entered tags during adding or editing a bookmark, the position of the tag autocomplete popped up panel was sometimes incorrect. It happened only in desktop browsers, in mobile browsers it worked fine.

The correct position of the tag autocomplete panel

Monday, February 6, 2023

Payment module updated

The payment module on the Account page has been replaced with the latest checkout payment module from PayPal. Now there is a dedicated button for the credit/debit card payment, so it's easier to make the payment with a credit/debit card without having a PayPal account.

Card payment was available in the past, too, but users first had to click on the PayPal button then select the credit/debit card option which was somehow confusing.

Other than the dedicated card payment button the new payment module includes the latest developments, fixes and updates from PayPal.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Improvements in today's update

Today's update contains performance improvements (some code has been optimized), security improvements and an advanced bot detection mechanism that prevents bots from creating fake accounts.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

New feature: Auto-tagging when a bookmark is moved to the Catalog

If you turn on this feature Tab and Category names will be automatically added as tags when a bookmark is moved from the Dashboard to the Catalog.

This will make finding bookmarks easier after you move them to the Catalog with the purpose of archiving them.

By default this feature is turned off. To turn "Auto-tag when moving to Catalog" on follow the steps below:

(1) Launch Bookmark Ninja in your browser.

(2) Select "Settings" in the main menu of Bookmark Ninja.

(3) Under "Global settings" check the checkbox next to "Auto-tag when moving to Catalog".

If "Auto-tag when moving to Catalog" is turned on, the Tab and Category names will be automatically added to the bookmarks as tags in the following cases:

(A) On the Dashboard you right mouse click on a bookmark and select "Move to Catalog".

(B) On the My Bookmarks page you click on the menu icon next to a bookmark (which is on the Dashboard) and select "Move to Catalog''.

(C) On the My Bookmarks page you select multiple bookmarks then click on "Move to Catalog".

(D) On the "Add to Ninja" dialog box if "Detect already bookmarked pages" is turned on, it finds an already added bookmark, you click on "Edit" and change "Add to" from Dashboard to Catalog.

When the Tab and Category names are added as tags the commas are removed and the names are converted to lowercase.

Friday, August 26, 2022

The server high CPU usage issue has been resolved

After reviewing the server logs it turned out that the problem was related to some changes in a third party software component used by Bookmark Ninja, it was not a DoS or DDoS attack. 

After implementing a workaround for the issue the CPU usage went back to normal. Since then, in the last 24 hours, we haven't detected any abnormal high CPU usage.

Thank you for your patience!

Thursday, August 25, 2022


In the last 24 hours I saw extreme processor overload several times in the server monitoring tools. It can be either due to a DDoS attack or some software issue caused by the latest update of one of the server components. I'm working on investigating and fixing the issue, thank you for your patience!

Have you experienced any performance issues or strange behaviour in the last 24 hours? I appreciate any feedback, it can help investigate the issue. 

Thank you!

Friday, June 10, 2022

Introducing the new UI component library

The UI component library in Bookmark Ninja was 6 years old, so it was time to update it to a newer version. The update of the UI component library was a big work that took several months to complete. It affects both the desktop and mobile UI. Updating the library for the mobile UI was the more complicated task, it required rewriting about 80% of the mobile UI code. The work that had to be done on the desktop UI was less, it affected about 10% of the code.

What are the benefits of having an updated UI component library?

It was necessary to update the UI component library in order to keep up with the improvements of the browsers and to minimize the possible incompatibilities.

Also the new UI library includes a lot of improvements and bug fixes that will provide a better user experience:

  • The rendering of the UI components is faster.
  • Now additional UI components are available that we can use in the future developments of Bookmark Ninja.
  • The new UI component library provides a solution for the "blank page flash at page load" Chrome issue.
  • During integrating the new UI component library all the known UI related bugs have been fixed.

What does the new UI look like?

The UI in the desktop browsers looks like the old one, there aren't noticeable differences, the big change is under the hood.

In mobile browsers the UI got a nicer, cleaner look. The mobile UI components have been updated in order to be more consistent with the desktop UI while the mobile specific screen layouts were kept:

Are there any functional changes?

Yes, there is one. Until now you could invoke the bookmark context menu on the Dashboard in mobile browsers with "tap and hold". From now on you have to tap on the new menu icons (3 blue, horizontal lines) next to the bookmarks. The "tap and hold" functionality has been removed.

In desktop browsers this functionality hasn't changed, you can still invoke the context menu of the bookmarks on the Dashboard with a right mouse click on the bookmarks.