How to add tags when adding a bookmark to Ninja?

On desktop computer
  1. Click on the "Add to Ninja" button on the browser bookmark bar.
  2. The Add Bookmark dialog will come up.
  3. Start typing a tag in the Tag field.
  4. After 2 characters suggestions will appear if tags starting with those characters already exist.
  5. You can select one of the suggested tags or you can continue typing.
  6. Make sure to separate the tags by commas (if tag is selected from the suggested list then comma will be added automatically).
  7. Tags can contain spaces.
  8. Tags are not case sensitive (all tags are saved with lowercase characters).

On mobile device
This feature is not yet available on mobile devices. On mobile devices first you have to add the bookmark to Ninja (by sending it to, then you can edit the tags either on the Dashboard or on the My Bookmarks page.

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