How to import the bookmarks from your browser into Ninja?

  1. On a desktop computer export your browser's bookmarks into a HTML format (Netscape bookmark file format). Click here to learn how to export the bookmarks from your browser.
  2. Select the "Tools/Import Bookmarks" menu in Bookmark Ninja.
  3. Click on the "Browse..." button and select the HTML file that you have exported from your browser.
  4. Leave the "Add folder names as tags" checkbox checked (the browser's folder names will be converted to Tags).
  5. Also leave the "Add Extra Tag" checkbox checked (this will identifiy the currently imported bookmarks).
  6. Click on the "Import" button. Please wait, the importing may take several minutes if you import a high number of bookmarks.
  7. The imported bookmarks will be in the Catalog.
  8. Go the My Bookmarks page, where you can organize the imported bookmarks by filtering them by the tags and moving them to the desired locations.
You can import bookmarks only on desktop computers (Windows and Mac). This functionality is not available on mobile devices.