What is the My Bookmarks page?

  • On the My Bookmarks page you can manage, organize and query (search) all your bookmarks.
  • You can select which type of bookmarks you want to see: "Catalog", "Dashboard" or "All".
  • If you select "Dashboard" you can also select the "Tab" and "Category" in the dropdown lists.
  • You can filter the actual bookmark list by selecting and deselecting Tags.
  • You can also search for a text (in the bookmarks' URL, Title or Notes fields) in the actual bookmark list.
  • Bookmarks can be edited (title, url, tags, notes), deleted or moved to another Category group.
  • Bookmarks can be also moved from the Catalog to the Dasboard, and from the Dashboard to the Catalog.
  • You can also make bulk operations (move, edit tags, delete) on multiple selection of bookmarks.
  • To open the My Bookmarks page select the "My Bookmarks" menu of Bookmark Ninja.