Thursday, August 9, 2018

New Feature: Alphabetical Sorting of Categories

This feature has been requested by many Users. The categories are sorted from top to bottom in the columns and are divided among the 3 columns in a way so that the 3 columns will have similar heights as mush as possible.

To sort the categories in desktop browsers:
  • (1) Open the Dashboard
  • (2) Select the tab where you want to sort the categories
  • (3) Select "Categories/Sort A-Z" or "Categories/Sort Z-A"

In mobile browsers:
  • (1) Open the Dashboard
  • (2) Select the tab where you want to sort the categories
  • (3) Tap on "Turn ON Tab and Category Editor" at the bottom of the page
  • (4) Tap on "Sort Categories A-Z" or "Sort Categories Z-A"

Improvement: Collapse All/Expand All Categories

From now you can collapse or expand all category groups on a tab with a single click.

In your desktop browser:
  • (1) Open the Dashboard
  • (2) Select the tab where you want to collapse/expand the categories
  • (3) Select "Categories/Collapse all" or "Categories/Expand all"

If you want to rearrange the order of your categories it can be useful to collapse them all before starting to rearrange them.

Since the category implementation works in a different way in the mobile browsers, this feature is available only in the desktop browsers.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

New Feature: Detect already bookmarked pages

When you want to bookmark a web page, this new feature detects if the page has already been added to Bookmark Ninja:

(1) Make sure the feature is turned on (by default it is turned off):
  1. Click on "Settings" in the main menu
  2. Turn the "Detect already bookmarked pages" switch on
  3. Click on "Save settings"
(2) Load any web page in your browser then click on the "Add to Ninja" bookmarklet or browser extension button.

(3) In the bottom of the Add Bookmark dialog you will see one of the following messages:
  • Not bookmarked yet
  • Page is already in the Catalog
  • Page is already in tab name > category name

The feature is available on mobile, too, when you bookmark a page in your mobile browser:

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Safari Users on Mac, please update the "Add to Ninja" bookmarklet

In Safari on Mac the "Add to Ninja" bookmarklet brings up the Add Bookmark dialog with an incorrect height and the buttons (Add and Cancel) are cut off. Actually you can press the buttons, it’s just a cosmetic issue, but it looks ugly. This height problem has been probably introduced by a Safari update. To fix the issue please follow the steps below:
  1. Remove the current "Add to Ninja" bookmarklet from the Safari bookmark bar (right mouse click on the bookmarklet button then select Delete)
  2. Install the new bookmarklet (drag and drop) from this page:

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Improvement: Users can login with their email address, too

Since the email address is a unique identifier, just like the username, from now you can login with your registered email address, too. Simply type your email address in the Username field during the login if you don't remember your username.

The reason why this improvement has been introduced is that it's very common that users try to login with their email address instead of their username, which failed until now.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New Feature: Open all bookmarks at once in a Category

With this new feature you are able to open multiple bookmarks at once in your desktop browser with just one click:
  • (1) Open the Dashboard
  • (2) Click on the gear icon next to a Category title
  • (3) Select the "Open all in browser" menu
  • (4) All the bookmarks of the Category will be opened at once

To use this feature you have to make sure that the popup blocker is turned off for the website in your browser. Some browsers have popup blocking turned on by default others have it turned off. You will get a warning message if you need to turn it off.

Please check these links to find out how to turn the popup blocker off in the different browsers:

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Feature: Advanced Search

Until now, when you ran a search on the My Bookmarks page, the default and only search mode was "Exact phrase".
From now you can select one of the following 3 search modes:
  • Exact phrase
  • All of the words
  • Any of the words
The default search mode still remains "Exact phrase". To run a search with any of the search modes on the My Bookmarks page, click on the blue down arrow next to the search field then select the desired search mode.

Let's suppose you enter the following text in the search field: big red apple
You will get the below search results with the different search modes:

Exact phrase: bookmarks containing exact phrases ("big red apple")

All of the words: bookmarks containing all words in any position ("big" and "red" and "apple")

Any of the words: bookmarks containing any of the words ("big" or "red" or "apple")

When you run a search, the URL, the title, the tags and the notes of the bookmarks are all searched.

When you run a quick search from the Dashboard, the "Exact phrase" search mode is used.

The new search modes are available on the mobile web UI, too: