Thursday, June 8, 2017

Browser Extension Buttons for Ninja

If you want to use Ninja you have to install bookmarklets on your browser's bookmark bar to have the "Add to Ninja" and "Ninja Dashboard" buttons accessible.

From now another option is also available: you can install browser extension buttons in Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Extensions for the other browsers will be available in the future. Using extensions instead of bookmarklets makes possible to hide the browser's bookmark bar which saves space on the screen.

The reason why these 3 browsers were selected is that Chrome and Firefox have a 89% market share (you can check the latest browser statistics and trend here). Opera was selected because the Chrome extensions can be easily installed in Opera with one extra step.

Of course the bookmarklet installation option will be still available in any browser.

You can install the extensions from the Install Browser Buttons page.

Friday, May 26, 2017

System Maintenance

The Bookmark Ninja service will be temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance (storage upgrade).

The site will be down from 2:00 AM until 2:15 AM (EDT) on May 27, 2017.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

Monday, May 15, 2017

New Feature: Find and Delete Duplicates

If you already have collected a large number of bookmarks, the chance is high that you have duplicated bookmarks. This new feature makes possible to find and delete the duplicates.

The feature is accessible on the My Bookmarks page (only in desktop browser, not available in mobile browser).
Make sure  "All" is selected and no tag is selected from the Available tags list. This is the default state when you click on the "My Bookmarks" menu and the page loads. The "Find Duplicates" menu will be accessible only when the these conditions are met.

Click on the "Find Duplicates" menu to bring up the "Find Duplicates" dialog.
A bookmark is considered to be duplicated if it has the same URL as another bookmark.
Enter a tag (default tag: "duplicate") that you want to add to one of each duplicate pairs.
For example if 5 bookmarks have the same URL then the tag will be added to 4 of them.
To start the search click on the "Find Duplicates" button.

When the search is complete, click on OK to close the message box then click on the "Duplicate" tag in the Available tags list to see the duplicated bookmarks.

Now select all the bookmarks (click on "Select All") and delete them (click on "Delete").
Before deleting the bookmarks always make sure that the "Duplicate" tag has been selected.

New Feature: Duplicate Bookmark

Use the Duplicate Bookmark feature if you want to access the same bookmark in different Categories. After you duplicated the bookmark move it to the desired Category.
It can be also useful if you want to create bookmarks manually by duplicating an existing bookmark and editing its url.

The feature is accessible on the Dashboard. To duplicate a bookmark, right mouse click on the bookmark and select "Duplicate" (on a mobile device tap and hold on the bookmark to active the context menu).

Monday, May 1, 2017

Emojis in the Website Titles

It's not very common, but website titles might contain emojis. Until now if you wanted to add such a webpage to Ninja, it failed, you couldn't add the link. Now it has been fixed.

Technical background

The Bookmark Ninja MySQL database is configured for UTF8 encoding, that supports a maximum of 3 bytes per character. Emojis are stored in 4 bytes. This was the problem.

An obvious fix could have been to change the encoding in the database from UTF8 to UTF8MB4, that supports a maximum of 4 bytes per character. But the performance of 4-byte UTF8MB4 is slower than for 3-byte UTF8. I didn't want to sacrifice the performance just because there are a very few websites out there with titles including emojis.
Instead I made a fix, that replaces the emojis in the title with a � character.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New Feature: Coloring

This has been requested by many users and customers. Actually coloring means 3 new features in Ninja:
  • You can highlight a bookmark by changing its background color
  • You can change the background color of the Category titles
  • Yo can change the background color of the Tab titles

To change the background color of a bookmark, right mouse click on the bookmark and select "Edit".
A color palette has been added to the Edit Bookmark dialog, select a color then click on Save:

To change the background color of a Category title, click on the gear icon next to the Category name and select "Edit Category Name". Then select a color and click on OK:

To change the background color of a Tab title, click on "Edit Tab Name", then select a color and click on OK:

The bookmarks will be displayed with the highlighted colors on the My Bookmarks page, too (and you can change the color here, too, by editing the bookmarks):

All the coloring options are available on mobile, too, both on the Dashboard and on the My Bookmarks page:

To highlight a bookmark on mobile, tap and hold on the bookmark on the Dashboard, then tap on "Edit".
Select a color and tap on Save Bookmark:

To change the background color of a Category title on mobile, tap on "Turn ON Tab and Category Editor" on the Dashboard, tap on a Category, then tap on "Rename". Select the color and tap on Save:

To change the background color of a Tab title on mobile, tap on "Turn ON Tab and Category Editor" on the Dashboard, then tap on "Rename Tab". Select the color and tap on Save:

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What Customers Say About Ninja

In the recent weeks I've received quite a few emails from Ninja customers. I can't say enough how much I appreciate these feedback, they make me even more inspired! Thank you so much!!

"You truly have a great product. Great concept and so easy to use."

"I've used a few of these services in the past and dropped them due to lack of features. This one is by far the best I've used and at a great price."

"I started following you on twitter because you're totally a role model for me in development."

"I am ready to pay, sign up, become a life long member, recommend it to all my clients, and act informally as an evangelist."

"I love the functionality as well, very nice job!"

"It is really fantastic and has changed the way I use the internet in a fundamental way."

"Now with the Dashboard I have a portal that also works as a catalog and organizing framework for all my various interests."

"It is not every day that I find a new product that I immediately realize I absolutely cannot live without."

"I like the Bookmarks Ninja because I have a visual memory and it helps me group and find the bookmarks I need in an organized way."

"Super cool! Great new feature. Love it!"