Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New Feature: Open all bookmarks at once in a Category

With this new feature you are able to open multiple bookmarks at once in your desktop browser with just one click:
  • (1) Open the Dashboard
  • (2) Click on the gear icon next to a Category title
  • (3) Select the "Open all in browser" menu
  • (4) All the bookmarks of the Category will be opened at once

To use this feature you have to make sure that the popup blocker is turned off for the website www.bookmarkninja.com in your browser. Some browsers have popup blocking turned on by default others have it turned off. You will get a warning message if you need to turn it off.

Please check these links to find out how to turn the popup blocker off in the different browsers:

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Feature: Advanced Search

Until now, when you ran a search on the My Bookmarks page, the default and only search mode was "Exact phrase".
From now you can select one of the following 3 search modes:
  • Exact phrase
  • All of the words
  • Any of the words
The default search mode still remains "Exact phrase". To run a search with any of the search modes on the My Bookmarks page, click on the blue down arrow next to the search field then select the desired search mode.

Let's suppose you enter the following text in the search field: big red apple
You will get the below search results with the different search modes:

Exact phrase: bookmarks containing exact phrases ("big red apple")

All of the words: bookmarks containing all words in any position ("big" and "red" and "apple")

Any of the words: bookmarks containing any of the words ("big" or "red" or "apple")

When you run a search, the URL, the title, the tags and the notes of the bookmarks are all searched.

When you run a quick search from the Dashboard, the "Exact phrase" search mode is used.

The new search modes are available on the mobile web UI, too:

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Improvement: New Error Handling Framework

February was about developing and introducing a new error handling framework in Bookmark Ninja. This improvement is about how the application behaves when an unexpected error occurs e.g.: you try to import a bookmark file that is not in the correct format or there is a hiccup in the connection.

As part of the new error handling framework users now get more detailed messages and in most cases they can even solve the problem with a simple page reload. The logging of the unexpected errors have been also improved which helps in fixing the possible bugs and making new improvements in the future.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Feature: Find Dead Links

With this tool you can easily clean up your bookmarks by finding and deleting dead links. A web link is considered to be "dead" if it returns error 404 (page not found) or the link contains a non-existing domain.

To run the cleanup tool please follow the steps below:
  • (1) Open the "My Bookmarks" page
  • (2) Make sure that "All" is selected (both Catalog and Dashboard bookmarks are listed)
  • (3) Click on "Find Dead Links", the "Find Dead Links" dialog will popup

  • (4) Enter a unique tag that will be added to the bookmarks that have dead links (by default the tag is "dead-link")
  • (5) Click on the "Find Dead Links" button to start the process

The process of finding dead links may take from some minutes to a few days depending on how many bookmarks you have.

After you started the process you can close the browser window and can even turn off your computer. Or you can continue using Bookmark Ninja.

You will get an email notification when "Find Dead Links" is complete. The email will contain a brief summary report: number of bookmarks checked, number of dead links found and a link to the bookmarks marked with the "dead-link" tag on the "My Bookmarks" page.

To avoid unnecessary server load you can run this tool once in every 30 days.

Make sure to also use the Find Duplicates tool in order to clean up your bookmarks.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New Feature: Sharing Tabs

From now you can make any of your tabs public and share them with your friends and coworkers. You can even make web directories from your favorite links.
Making a tab public means anyone (even if somebody doesn't have a Bookmark Ninja account) can access the shared tab with a link. The link has a format like this: "bookmarkninja.com/share/123456". The shared tab is read-only.

By default all the Tabs you add are private. To share a Tab follow the steps below:
  • (1) Open the Dashboard.
  • (2) Select the Tab you want to share.
  • (3) Select the "Tabs/Share Tab" menu - the Tab Sharing settings dialog will come up:

  • (4) Check or clear the options to customize the appearance of the shared Tab.
  • (5) Select the corresponding commands to copy the share link to the Clipboard, send it via email or share it on Facebook or Twitter.
  • (6) Click on the "Share Tab" button. Now the Tab is shared and the share icon appears next to the Tab name:

After you shared a Tab you can change the sharing settings and access the share link any time by selecting the "Tabs/Sharing settings" menu. The same dialog will come up when you shared the Tab and you can update the settings. To stop sharing a tab select the "Tabs/Stop sharing Tab" menu:

To access the Tab sharing menus on mobile, first tap on "Turn On Tab and Category Editor" on the bottom of the Dashboard page. Then you can select the "Share Tab", "Sharing settings" and "Stop sharing Tab" menus:

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Improvement: Bookmark Favicons on the Dashboard

Many users requested to have the favicons of the bookmarks to be displayed on the Dashboard. The small icons can help to visually find the bookmarks faster. This improvement on the Dashboard is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

If you still want to use the Dashboard without the favicons, you can turn it off on the Settings page, simply uncheck the "Show favicons of bookmarks" checkbox.

It is also recommended to turn off the display of the favicons if you have many bookmarks on a Tab and want to improve the loading speed of the Dashboard.