Sunday, August 21, 2016

A big, big, big improvement coming soon...

Ok, let's be honest: the installation of the Ninja bookmarklets on the mobile devices is a big pain in the ass. Even when I started to implement it I already knew that it was by far not the best solution. But I had to deal with it due to the many limitations of the mobile browsers. There is no way to simply drag the bookmarklets to the browser's bookmark bar like in the desktop browsers and there are other limitations as well regarding how you can invoke the bookmarklets on a mobile.

Finally we managed to figure out how to add a bookmark to your collection on mobile devices without installing any bookmarklet or anything else. Very simple: tap on Share in your mobile browser and send the link to a dedicated email address. Yes, I know I should have come up with this simple idea much sooner... :)

Due to the development of the new adding a bookmark via email feature and the slip of the implementation of the licensing, the Beta is extended until October 16, 2016.

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