Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New Feature: Sharing Tabs

From now you can make any of your tabs public and share them with your friends and coworkers. You can even make web directories from your favorite links.
Making a tab public means anyone (even if somebody doesn't have a Bookmark Ninja account) can access the shared tab with a link. The link has a format like this: "". The shared tab is read-only.

By default all the Tabs you add are private. To share a Tab follow the steps below:
  • (1) Open the Dashboard.
  • (2) Select the Tab you want to share.
  • (3) Select the "Tabs/Share Tab" menu - the Tab Sharing settings dialog will come up:

  • (4) Check or clear the options to customize the appearance of the shared Tab.
  • (5) Select the corresponding commands to copy the share link to the Clipboard, send it via email or share it on Facebook or Twitter.
  • (6) Click on the "Share Tab" button. Now the Tab is shared and the share icon appears next to the Tab name:

After you shared a Tab you can change the sharing settings and access the share link any time by selecting the "Tabs/Sharing settings" menu. The same dialog will come up when you shared the Tab and you can update the settings. To stop sharing a tab select the "Tabs/Stop sharing Tab" menu:

To access the Tab sharing menus on mobile, first tap on "Turn On Tab and Category Editor" on the bottom of the Dashboard page. Then you can select the "Share Tab", "Sharing settings" and "Stop sharing Tab" menus:

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