Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Performance Improvement on the Dashboard

Today we rolled out the biggest update that we have ever had since the launch of Bookmark Ninja. The update significantly improves the Dashboard performance. The improvements have been made in the following 3 areas:

(1) The entire Dashboard code has been re-architected, some of the code have been rewritten from scratch. From now the tabs will load much faster and all the operations on the Dashboard (move, edit, add, duplicate, drag and drop etc.) will be faster, too.

(2) A new switch has been added to the Settings page under the Dashboard section: “Enable drag and drop”. By default the switch is turned on. If you turn it off the bookmark drag and drop will be disabled, but the loading speed of the Dashboard (and the operations on the Dashboard) will be significantly faster, especially if you have a large number of bookmarks on a tab.

(3) From now the bookmarks of the collapsed categories are not rendered when the Dashboard loads. The content of a collapsed category will be rendered only when you expand the category. This new feature can be useful if you have categories with a large number of bookmarks. Keeping these categories collapsed will increase the page loading speed.