Sunday, August 1, 2021

Why do bookmarks get duplicated after importing from Google Bookmarks? How to fix it?

The Google Bookmarks free online bookmarking service (it is different than the browser-based bookmarking in Google Chrome and should not be confused with Google Chrome) has been around since 2005. Google Bookmarks will be shut down on September 30, 2021.

Many users started to export their bookmarks from Google Bookmarks and after they imported the bookmarks into another bookmark manager or browser they realized that a lot of bookmarks got duplicated.

Unfortunately it’s a design flaw in Google Bookmarks. When you save a bookmark in Google Bookmarks with multiple tags, Google Bookmarks creates multiple copies of the bookmark: Let’s say you save a bookmark with 3 tags “tag1”, “tag2” and “tag3”. Instead of creating one bookmark with the 3 tags, Google Bookmarks creates 3 folders “tag1”, “tag2” and “tag3” and adds a copy of the bookmark to each of the folders. So when you export the bookmarks, the html bookmarks file contains duplicated bookmarks. And if you import this bookmarks file into another bookmark manager or browser you will get duplicated bookmarks.

Fortunately Bookmark Ninja has the Find/Delete Duplicates Tool that helps you get rid of the duplicated bookmarks quickly. You can either delete all the duplicates with just a few clicks or there is also an option for reviewing the duplicates manually and deciding which ones of the duplicated bookmarks to delete.

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