Beta notes

Reporting bugs

When you report a bug please always provide the following information:
  • OS name and version
  • Browser name and version
  • Detailed steps of reproducing the bug
Please post your bug reports, feature requests and questions in the Bookmark Ninja Beta Forum or you can also send emails to

Feature requests

Please do not report just bugs, feel free to report any feature request, idea that you think would make the service even better.

Bookmark Ninja on mobile devices

With the June 8 Beta release Ninja supports mobile devices, too (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). Simply launch the website in your mobile device's browser.

Important: There are also new browser buttons (bookmarklets). If you have already signed up and installed the browser buttons on your desktop computer before June 8th, then please remove them and install both buttons again from the "Install Browser Buttons" page (simple drag and drop).  Launch Ninja on your mobile device only after you completed the button update in your desktop computer's browser.

If you haven't signed up yet, first please sign up on a desktop computer, after then login to Ninja on your mobile device.

To see the instructions how to install the browser buttons (bookmarklets) on a mobile device, please tap on the "Install Browser Buttons" menu after you launched Ninja in your mobile browser.

Microsoft Edge browser support

Unfortunately Microsoft Edge supports neither 3rd party extensions (plugins) and nor installing bookmarklets on the toolbar. Boorkmaklet is a special bookmark in the browser that contains javascript. Bookmark Ninja uses this technology to install and use the "Add bookmark" and "Bookmarks" buttons on the browser's toolbar.

There are 2 workarounds for this problem:

  • There is a tricky (not official) way to add bookmarklet buttons to the Edge toolbar by editing files manually. (please search for the details on the web, but is not recommended for average computer users)
  • Use Internet Explorer to migrate the installed buttons
    1. Install the toolbar buttons on the Internet Explorer toolbar
    2. Export all the bookmarks/settings in IE
    3. Import the bookmarks/settings in Edge, and you will have the buttons on the Edge toolbar
Microsoft is about to release a new Edge version that will support extensions. Hopefully it will support adding bookmarklets, too.

Known issues

#1 Dropdown lists of Category Groups and Tabs (on Add Bookmark, Edit Bookmark dialogs) get too wide if any of the Category or Tab names is long.

#2 On the My Bookmarks page after a search if you select a tag, the search result will be reset. Search result should be still active when changing tag selection.

#3 If username is too long, it breaks the header, and menu moves into a second row in the header.

#4 Entering data in text fields is not yet limited. Usually max 255 character length strings are allowed for most of the properties like Category name, Tab name etc. in the database. If you enter a string larger than 255 characters it will occur exception in the database.

#5 Forgot Password link is not yet available on the mobile login page (available on desktop computers).

#6 On mobile when you edit the tags of a bookmark on the My Bookmarks page, the tag list is not updated after tapping on the Back button.