Monday, June 13, 2016

Improvements in Search

1. Search has been extended to Tags. Until now you could search only in the Title, Url and Notes fields of the bookmarks, but from now the Tags are also part of the Search. This has been requested by many users.

2. After a search on the My Bookmarks page, if you selected/deselected tags, or changed any criteria settings (Bookmark Type, Tab/Category) the search result was reset.
From now the Search stays active (the Search field will not be cleared) and the results will be evaluated based on the combination of the Search and the the criteria settings. You can clear the Search any time by clicking on the "Clear Search" command.

3. From now when you select the My Bookmarks page in the menu, the default Bookmark Type on the page will be "All". The reason of this change is to make possible to run a global Search immediately when the My Bookmarks page shows up.

4. On the mobile UI the Search text field on the My Bookmarks page was moved from the bottom to the top. This also makes possible to run a global search immediately after the My Bookmarks page showed up on your mobile device.

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