Sunday, September 12, 2021

Improved "Detect already bookmarked pages"

When you want to bookmark a web page, this feature detects if the page has already been added to Bookmark Ninja.

Make sure the feature is turned on (by default it is turned off).

(1) Click on "Settings" in the main menu.

(2) Turn the "Detect already bookmarked pages" switch on.

(3) The "Strict URL match" switch will show up. By default this switch is checked. If you uncheck it "http vs https" and "www" will be ignored and the following URL variants will be considered the same:


​If "Strict URL match" is checked then URLs will be considered the same only if they exactly match each other.

        (4) Load any web page in your browser then click on the "Add to Ninja" bookmarklet or browser extension button.

        (5) In the bottom of the Add Bookmark dialog you will see one of the following messages:

        • Not bookmarked yet
        • Page is already in the Catalog
        • Page is already in tab name > category name
        Page hasn't been bookmarked yet

        Page has already been added to the "Tuscany Italy" category on the "Travel" tab

        The feature is available on mobile, too, when you bookmark a page in your mobile browser:

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