Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Improvements and bug fixes in today's update

Improvement #1
From now the Tab and Category selection list boxes are not displayed on the My Bookmarks page when "All" or "Catalog" is selected. Until now the list boxes have only been disabled. The Tab and Category selection list boxes are displayed only when "Dashboard" is selected.

Improvement #2
From now "None" is displayed under "Available tags" and "Selected tags" when the tag list is empty.

Improvement #3
The order of the tags under "Selected tags" on the My Bookmarks page have been changed from alphabetical order to the order of the tags have been selected.

Improvement #4
The "Add folder names as tags" checkbox has been removed on the Import page. From now the folder names are always added to the bookmarks as tags during the import process.

Improvement #5
After import is finished “The basics of organizing your imported bookmarks" dialog box is displayed with a few tips.

Improvement #6
Improved the loading speed of the My Bookmarks page when it is invoked by selecting the "My Bookmarks" menu.

Bug fix #1
After moving or deleting multiple selected bookmarks on the My Bookmarks page, if all the bookmarks were selected in the list, the number of selected bookmarks and the number of total bookmarks were not updated in the top left corner.

Bug fix #2
When bookmark files with long file names were uploaded or error messages were displayed on the Import page, the layout of the page sometimes broke.


  1. thank you for your time and consideration. Love this.

    1. Hi Bev, I'm really glad you like the latest improvements. Thanks for the feedback!