Monday, November 15, 2021

New feature: Tag order by number of occurrences

Until now the tags under "Available tags" on the My Bookmarks page have been ordered alphabetically. From now you can order the tags by number of their occurrences, too. A Tag order selection list box has been added to the My Bookmarks page where you can select the order of the tags: "Occurrences: high → low" or "A→Z".

The "order by number of occurrences" can be especially useful when you organize your imported bookmarks. The folder names from your old bookmark manager or browser are converted to tags during the import process. Having the tags ordered by number of occurrences makes sure that the top level folder names appear at the beginning of the tag list so it's easier to find the folder names and browse the folders by selecting/deselecting the tags.

The "order by number of occurrences" also gives you a statistical overview about the usage of your tags.

The new "Tag order" selection list box on the My Bookmarks page is available on mobile, too:

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