Thursday, November 25, 2021

Improvements in today's update

Improvement #1
From now a page loading progress indicator (a spinning circle) is displayed when a full page reload happens on the My Bookmarks page. Full page reload happens when you change the type of the bookmarks (Catalog/Dashboard/All), change the Tab/Category (if Dashboard is selected), change the order of the bookmarks/tags, select/deselect tags or start a search.

Improvement #2
"Date Updated" has been renamed to "Date Modified" in the bookmark order selection list box on the My Bookmarks page.

Improvement #3
During the import process until now the "Date Modified" values of the bookmarks were set to the date of the import date. From now "Date Modified" is set to the "Date Added" value read from the bookmark file. Of course if any "Date Modified" information is available in the bookmark file (which is very rare) then that value will be set. If neither "Date Added" and nor "Date Modified" is available in the bookmark file then the date of import will be set for both.

Improvement #4
Changed some colors in dark mode to improve readability.

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